Our Services

Prototyping and Manufacturing with In-House Project Management

At Aiteer Proto we offer the entire range of production services. From design to delivery our services are all located under one roof. We have designers ready and available to assist with part drawings, material selection, CAD drawings and more. Our departments are interconnected ensuring integrity of design and concept throughout the entire production process. The result is a product matching your design, exceeding your expectations, and performing perfectly.

Finishing Services

Before leaving our factory many products may undergo a series of finishing services for cosmetic or functional benefit. Finishing services improve resistance to corrosion, improve visual appearance, protect against wear, and offer a host of additional benefits. At Aiteer Proto we offer a variety of different cosmetic and protective finishing options adding excellent finishes to prototypes, small batch orders, and low volume manufacturing runs.

Injection Moulding

For rapid production of plastic parts look no further – Aiteer Proto offers streamlined plastic injection molding services all under one roof. Plastic parts can be made with an incredible variety of materials for an array of advantages, tolerances, and capabilities. Literally thousands of plastic parts can be made using a single mould, expediting the production process and keeping overhead costs down. Plastic parts are by no means exclusive to any specific industry or purpose. If you can envision it chances are we can create it. Plastic injection moulding is a fantastic solution for both small-batch manufacturing and for low-volume production.


At Aiteer Proto we have years of experience producing high-quality die-casted metal parts and components for customers across the globe. Our die casting services are contained all under one roof, streamlining our process and allowing for expedited delivery. If you require precise metal parts manufactured in low volume – contact us today. Our sales staff is fluent in English, Mandarin, French, and Japanese – we are ready to answer any questions you may have, explain the process and benefits of die casting, and provide a free estimate for your die casting project.

3D Printing Services

At Aiteer Proto, it is our mission to provide the best rapid prototyping solutions in the industry. Using the latest industrial 3D printing technology we can produce accurate prototypes in as little as 24 hours. 3D printed prototypes are perfect for quickly testing project design or function, or as a useful visual aid helping to demonstrate your concept. 3D printing uses a layering process to quickly produce three dimensional prototypes from 3D CAD data using a variety of different possible materials. Using different 3D printing methods layers are added and cured until a final product is complete. We offer SLA and SLS 3D printing production services creating functional and non-functional prototypes using different plastics, nylons, and silicone rubbers. Your design and needs will determine which laser rapid prototyping solution is right for you.

Sheet Metal Pressing

For durable and lasting manufactured parts and prototypes using metals and alloys,Aiteer Proto offers premier sheet metal fabrication services. Whether you’re looking for a one-off prototype or thousands of identical parts, we are ready to serve you. We offer extremely competitive pricing with no minimum order quantity. Achieve precise cuts, bends, and designs with sheet metal fabrication by Aiteer Proto.

Silicone Moulding

Liquid silicon rubber (LSR) moulding is the preferred manufacturing method for creating millions of different rubber parts, gaskets, valves, and much more. Silicone rubber has many manufacturing advantages. Parts made using silicone have excellent resistance to the effects of temperature, electricity, and chemicals making them appropriate across a span of industries. Silicone resists corrosion, temperature fluctuation, and electrical current placing the potential uses for LSR into the millions!

CNC Machining

Aiteer Proto is an international provider of high-quality CNC machining services. A large array of sophisticated CNC turning and milling machines and the latest supporting technology allows us to deliver customised parts with incredible precision. Our collection of 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC machines grant us capabilities to approach widely-varying projects for a host of applications over a massive span of industries. Precise cuts and a variety of allowable materials make CNC machining a preferred solution for prototyping, small-batch manufacturing, and low-volume manufacturing.