CNC Machining


Aiteer Proto is an international provider of high-quality CNC machining services. A large array of sophisticated CNC turning and milling machines and the latest supporting technology allows us to deliver customised parts with incredible precision. Our collection of 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC machines grant us capabilities to approach widely-varying projects for a host of applications over a massive span of industries. Precise cuts and a variety of allowable materials make CNC machining a preferred solution for prototyping, small-batch manufacturing, and low-volume manufacturing.

Industries Include:

  • Mechanical parts
  • Household goods
  • Decorative items
  • Custom pieces, components, and more!


CNC is the acronym for Computer Numeric Control.  In CNC Machining computers are used to input measurements and cutting data, guiding machines for extremely accurate operation.  Talented engineers input layers of data into the machines to establish exact measurements, finishes, and production times.

The CNC process is reductive, beginning with a solid piece of material then steadily and accurately removing layers, revealing the design encased within.  This is done using one of two processes: CNC milling and CNC turning.


CNC milling is a very common process used to create designs large and small. Materials are repeatedly fed into a cutter at different angles until a final, extremely-precise design is achieved. Using the latest computer controls from Mitsubishi, Siemens, CNC Makers (and other industry leaders) our engineers produce accurate designs with incredible speed and precision. Maximum efficiency and minimal waste gets your product produced quickly and for the lowest cost.


CNC turning is the simplest CNC process, involving the use of a lathe to turn a plastic or metal part for precise cutting and boring. For exact external grooves and accurate holes, CNC Turning is your solution. Depending on your project, CNC machining services may be the manufacturing solution you require. If you’re curious to know more, or would like to discuss a prototype or manufacturing project, give us a call. We have representatives fluent in many languages inlcluding English, Mandarin, Japanese, and French ready to assist you. CNC projects are fast, accurate, and work with many different materials.


CNC milling and turning can be performed on a huge variety of metals and different plastic materials, the more common being: Copper, Titanium, Aluminum, Stainless steel, Magnesium,Brass, Nylon and Polycarbonate.

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