Our Process

Quality in Every Detail
At Aiteer Proto, we are committed to quality in everything we do.
Since our factory began operating in 2003 it has been our focus to deliver superior quality with a competitive edge.
We maintain that focus today by delivering products across the globe m

Quality Assurance

Quality is the driving force behind every item we produce. Our prototyping and low-volume production services are all subject to continuous quality control standards. They begin before your design arrives at our factory and don’t end until you are satisfied with your product.

Raw Materials

A complete design is only as strong as the materials it is produced from. We source the finest plastics, rubbers, and metals from across the globe for quality assurance and product integrity. Extremely material conscious, we take many steps to ensure that we are using only authentic, quality materials, not substitutes. Our materials are sourced from the USA, Europe, and Japan.

Your designs will be accurately interpreted, complimenting your design and engineering aspirations giving you the best chances of success.  The result is a stunning physical realization of your intent you can touch and feel.

From project outset through to conclusion, our mission is to manage client expectations from the outset, through production, and long after project delivery.

Aiteer Proto employs highly skilled and experienced designers and engineers. They understand your goals. This breadth of experience and knowledge ensures your project has the benefit of a professional guiding hand.

We work closely, communicating with you throughout the production process keeping you involved and aware of everything.

All projects are assigned to an experienced Design and Engineering project manager. They work to fully understand the aims and objectives of the product. Your manager will track your product or prototype through production to delivery, keeping you informed.

Finally we will do whatever we can to ensure the job is done right, and you are satisfied.

Our Components to Quality

The foundation of everything we do is our commitment to quality. From prototypes to orders in the multiple thousands, we want every finished product to exceed our customer’s expectations.

  • Every designer deserves to see their product or idea built to perfection. Whether you are looking to produce a single prototype or mass-manufacture thousands of parts, every project receives our personal attention.

  • Security is a top priority. We are constantly on guard to protect against threats to your confidential information, product information and design, and your finished prototypes or products. Your intellectual property rights are a top priority of ours, and we go the extra mile to ensure your security and peace of mind.

  • Efficient design, production, and delivery of finished products. Always on the lookout for new manufacturing techniques, methods, and technologies helps us respond to our customer’s needs with incredible speed. Our reach continues to grow, and with modern communications technologies you can oversee the real-time rapid production of your design from an office on the opposite side of the globe.

The Framework

Our entire production operation is connected within our 3700-sq. m. factory. From initial design to outgoing delivery, your project remains under one roof.

100% In-House: Designs remain within a centralized location, protecting your specifications and intellectual property rights.

Dedicated Divisions: For each service we have a technical division dedicated solely to its operation. Quality control is performed at each stage and within every department.

Communication: Our entire team works together under one roof. The ease of communication between our dedicated technical divisions ensures finished products match original designs. Our sales teams and project managers are fluent in English, Mandarin, Japanese and French. Nothing will be lost in translation.

Technology: Production methods and technology are constantly evolving helping us produce designs of incredible complexity with increasingly rapid speed. Our machines, technology, and equipment are always updated to reflect the latest industry advancements and developments.

The Focus

The people in our industry are our focus. They are our motivation to succeed and deliver amazing products. More than that, they are the driving force behind the ideas we help make into reality.

  • Our Team: The staff at Aiteer Proto is an international team of specialists recruited for their skills and talent – we are always focused on their development. We encourage effective communication between our departments, improving efficiency while also increasing the quality of the workspace. Employees who are happy in their work are much happier in their life, and that’s important to us.

  • Our Customers: The cornerstone of our business and focus, the customer is always our #1 priority. Communication, production, and delivery all revolve around customer satisfaction. We want you to be satisfied with your product, your price, and how fast you got it. We want to see your ideas succeed.


From quote to delivery, Aiteer Proto is your solution for speed, quality, and assurance. If you have an idea or design you’d like to see created, contact us today. We are ready to provide a free estimate for prototyping and low volume manufacturing products, or answer any questions you might have. With local representation in China, the United States, and in the United Kingdom we offer personalized service in-person. To talk about your rapid prototyping or production project, contact us today